24/7 Customer support

We are always on call for all our clients and have an engineer ready on email, call and in our offices.


Experienced Team

Our team has been proven and tested for over 10 years in designing and implementing systems, software and solutions.


Smart solutions

You will love our end product. We deliver end products and software that is not only elegant and efficient, but also scalable.

What We Do
Blancorp Solutions LAN Networking Solutions

Networking Infrastructure Services

Today, a network that is agile, responsive, and secure will be the…

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Blancorp Solutions Cloud Service Solutions

Cloud Solution Services

We offer predictable, reliable, and customized cloud implementation services that unique needs…

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Blancorp Solutions Web Development Services

Web and Mobile Development

We leverage interactive design elements, multimedia content, and engaging features to captivate…

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Blancorp Solutions Software Development

Software Development

We develop tailor-made standalone applications, cloud-based enterprise solutions, and in-house systems of…

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Blancorp Solutions Cybersecurity Services

Data & Cyber Security Services

As you onboard digital assets, safeguarding your assets and data against threats…

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Blancorp Solutions Systems Integrations

Software Integration & Maintenance

This service is aimed at helping businesses streamline their operations, improve efficiency,…

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Software Development and Maintenance

We develop and maintain ERPs, CRMs, Websites, dashboards, mobile applications and more. Our commitment to customization and long-term support reflects a dedication to helping clients thrive in this digital era.


Playing our Role

We address the increasing demand for digital solutions, in relation to the dynamic landscapes.


Our Position in the market

We're creating a seamless digital ecosystem by integrating different software systems within businesses.


Web and Mobile Applications

Let us craft tailored web and mobile applications designed to fit the unique needs of your businesses.

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Software Integration & Maintenance

We uphold the reliability of the software, guaranteeing that it evolves with the ever-changing environment.

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11 Years Of Experience

We have the experience
Championing ICT Solutions since 2012

The technology world is advancing extremely quickly, and we have purposed to be at the forefront, championing its advancement.

Since 2012



We have been operational since 2012, growing from a small office in Kisumu, to serve multinationals, governments and individuals all over Africa and beyond.

Bridge physical and digital barriers, driving inclusive growth and prosperity through accessible and impactful technology, driven by human-centered design and responsible use of technology.

A world where the digital divide is a relic of the past, replaced by a thriving ecosystem of access and opportunity, seamlessly interwoven with digital pathways, fostering collaboration and shared success.

Our Dimensions

We're backed by a wealth of industry knowledge, with professionals who bring a level of expertise that is synonymous with reliability and excellence.


We have tangible outcomes of businesses positively impacted by our tailored solutions, where client satisfaction is not just a goal, but a proven result.

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At the forefront of technology, a blend of creativity and functionality defines our approach, driving positive change and leaving an indelible mark on the digital landscape.

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Efficiency Through Innovation
Blancorp Solutions Web Development
Blancorp Solutions Innovation
Making What’s Possible more Efficient

/ Nickron Kibunei

We take the time to develop a strong working relationship with you by understanding your needs, your business and your corporate culture.

At Blancorp Solutions, we leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a catalyst for efficiency. We embrace solutions to streamlines business processes.

Our commitment to leveraging ICT goes beyond mere adaptation; it is a strategic investment to enhance productivity, reduce operational complexities, and position our clients for sustained success through a harmonious fusion of technology and business acumen. Join us as we create pathways to unparalleled business optimization and growth.